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Top 100 Websites You Should Essentially Bookmark

Below is a list of top 100 websites that covers up most of the technology on the web. The blogging and celebrity gossips experience has brought a rapid change in setting up the news agenda. The gaming and social networking has given students a real thought provoking time. The online cartoon experience has proved to be the real fun for the kids. People are now more aware of online filming experience instead of going to cinema. The YouTube is proven to be the best streaming experience of all times. The list below is a must have database for people concerned with taking best internet experience. The website rankings increase or decrease every day, so it is a list with today’s trends. The list consists of the websites that are having increased ranking every day, and their existence in the long run is pretty much expected.

Blogging/micro blogging
The blogging made superbly easy by these websites without much hassle of lengthy registration processes.

Tumblr Posterous | Soup | Blogger | Bloglines Wordpress .

For online gaming experiences and downloads.
Eurogamer | The Independent Gaming Source  | Pocket Gamer  | Gamasutra  

For fully functional most updated browsers.
Chrome | Firefox | Maxthon

Best relaxation tool for kids and students.
Dilbert | XKCD .

Celebrity gossip
A fast growing trend now a day.
TMZ | Perez Hilton | Gawker

Amazing stuff for document sharing and beneficial contents.
Netvibes | Scribd | Slideshare | Zamzar 

For best online film experience, most of them are offering online streams.
IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes | Film | Cinematical

Geek squad
For people who are programmer and learning basics for programming skills.
Stack Overflow | The Daily WTF | Joel On Software 

Government/public services/politics
Recycle Now | British and Irish Legal Information Institute | What Do They Know? | Upmystreet | They Work For You

Link economy
Digg | Delicious  | Popurls | Metafilter | Slashdot | Techmeme 

The location based services for mobile phones with internet acess. A really handy tool for todays life.
Dopplr  | Qype | Loopt | Brightkite 

OpenStreetMap  | Google Maps Street View 

Money/finance/consumer fightback
Money Saving Expert | Say No to 0870 | Consumer Direct 

Music | Amazon | Hype Machine | Pitchfork 

The Onion | B3TA | Lolcats | News Lite | Oddee | PostSecret  | Passive-Aggressive Notes 

Flickr | Picnik  | Picasa | DPreview 

CIA Factbook | Wikipedia | Internet Archive/Wayback Machine | Metacritic | Wikileaks 

Google | Bing |   Wolfram Alpha 

Social software
Facebook | LinkedIn | Ning 

Expedia | TripAdvisor | Laterooms

Twitter, and associated
Twitter | Twitter | Twitterfeed | TwitterCounter | Twitterfall | Listorious  lists.

YouTube | Vimeo | BBC iPlayer | Hulu | Videojug | Virtual worlds | Second Life | Entropia Universe | Club Penguin | Moshi Monsters 

Visual arts
Saatchi Gallery  Art Daily  Culture 24 

Information is Beautiful | | DabbleDB 


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