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Information Technology

As the world moves ahead to the year 2012, most of the technology organizations are evaluating several new aspects of IT innovation. All companies are looking for the new advancement that may help the companies to drive business growth in the upcoming year. The following particular areas are considered more effective for technical advancement by many IT organizations.

Geo-spatial Visualization
The world of visualization is given a tremendous advancement by technology experts. Geospatial takes advantage of systemizing location-aware data around the globe. There are several sources involved in improving this issue. That consists of semi-structured data from mobile devices. The geospatial visualization makes it possible to explore data with enhanced decision making progression along with a combination of human understanding.

Digital Identities
The expression of identity in digital format is getting more complicated with the innovations and developments in this field. The modern users are of the view that they need it to be unique, demonstrable and capable of performing excellent functions. Businesses are focusing on creating single digital identities. The main issue they want to cover up is retaining the appropriate context across the range of credentials for individuals. This is because individuals are more active in administrating their digital identity.

Voice Command
Some organizations are keen to work on voice command as it was proven customer oriented. It is greatly expected that year 2012 will bring some new and improved voice command applications and websites. The cellular organizations would also focus in voice command technology. PCs and laptops will also be included in this category. It is generally assumed that voice command technology will be focused in the coming times but it will have to pass through evaluation process in the year 2012.

Email Decline
The decline of the email is nothing new for upcoming year. This actually has been happening for a while and now it’s common that students particularly do not aim to create email accounts. Most of them are available on social networks and messaging services. Moreover file sharing is also done by other services because they have large sizes that email cannot handle. The file sharing services are more user friendly, quicker and smart phone and tablet friendly.

Hosted Services
Movies are now online streamed instead of downloads. It will take no longer until most of the applications do not get executed locally. There is a larger trend of application delivery to every part of the world with easy access policy. Google started the apps and OnLive that is getting super popular for gaming. It is now accepted that more and more will be accessed by Host services.

Windows 8 - Touch
This product is possibly the most awaited thing and year 2012 is the one to get this task accomplished. The product is a trend within itself. The company claims to eliminate the difference of PCs and tablets and provide the unique computing experience for every user no matter he/she prefers PC or tablet. This product claims to bring touch screen function in PC market. It definitely will narrow the gap between laptops and tablets.

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