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Top 2011 IT news:
With the fast pace of development in information technology, there are a number of new developments and innovations with every passing moment. The year 2011 has brought many innovations in the field of I.T and most of them are related to World Wide Web and communication devices. Some Top I.T news in the year of 2011 are given below:


Google, Microsoft Teamwork to keep pace with privacy law:
  As narrated by Keith Enright, senior privacy counsel, Google has a team of 60 engineers who are taking a full time responsibility to take care of privacy issues. Microsoft on the other hand has around fifty people who have been appointed to work on privacy issues. Both the companies have analyzed pre-requisites required for data privacy issues. It is greatly important that both the companies increased the size of their privacy organizations. This collaboration of two world-known organizations is an indication of what they require to avoid running foul of complicated U.S. privacy regulations and get ready for changes coming to privacy laws around the world.


Microsoft, HP unveil joint cloud offering:
Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard are getting teamed up to sale cloud services. Both companies are known for taking care of advancement in technology at every moment. This joint venture of both the companies work will result in engineering a variety of private, public, and hybrid cloud services to deliver Microsoft’s business applications. The services are expected to be available in the same month i.e December 2011.

Microsoft can remotely delete windows 8 applications:
Microsoft has announced a setup of kill switch services that will disable or eliminate rogue applications and scrub data created by unwanted applications from devices. Apple and Google are already offering such services but they are not at domestic level usage. Kill switch has the capability to deactivate the unwanted applications with a single command. Microsoft made it clear that it can pull the kill switch at its caution, in cases where security is at risk or where they require doing so for legal reasons.

Apple scores victory against Samsung in France, can still sell iPhone 4S:
In October, Samsung viewed the appearance of the newest iPhone by processing actions in Paris and Milan to stop the sale of the mobile phone. Apple had infringed on patents related to wifi telephony engineering, particularly WCDMA (Wideband Value Split Several Access) expectations for 3G mobile models, according to Samsung. Samsung may have missing this game, but isn't providing up the fight: we will evaluate the published argument of the current view, and always take all available alternatives to claim our perceptive property or home privileges to stop this free using on our technology.

Rapid Decrease in Hard Drive prices :
The hard disk prices are now suffering considerable reduces that was not even imaginable a few months ago. If you have to buy a hard drive disk these days, the good thing is that you can anticipate paying 30 to 40 percent less than the rates 30 days ago.

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