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Useful Technology Trends

Like most years, 2011 focused to start off with excellent guarantee when it comes to appearing IT technological innovation in the business. There were no doubt  some major improvements to come with regards to cloud computing and more intelligent mobile computers, and excellent steps ahead in the area of IT automation.

But it is the thing to remember that 2011 was a year in which firms related to information technology discovered the need of concentrating on fundamental data management issues. This issue was discussed in previous yeas. But the 2011 was the year that brought I.T professionals to think more over this issue and give it a deepest look. The data management was considered most important due to its facts about its relationship with cloud computing, storage, compliance and security. When it comes to managing data, it was the bitter truth that most organization involved in information technology issues, have not performed a satisfactory job over last several years. As a result, organization copied data all over the organization. The result was main disturbance in infrastructure of I.T and related security issues.

The rise of the cloud computing on the other hand brought some questions for organizations. They are inquired to account for how they managed data. Most of the I.T organizations lack the data management tools. Business leaders on the other hand, wanted to squeeze maximum benefit of the economical benefits of cloud computing.  Even it was seen in a survey that most of the organization felt unsure about what data has the most business value to the organization. This is not possible to have an effective data management if all data is considered of equal importance.

Smartphone and tablets are the next replacement of computers. Smart phones made the possibility to use all applications that were meant to me used on pc. The year 2011 brought innovative features in smart cellular. The wireless connectivity and all inclusive application packages were made part of almost every new mobile release. Most of them were found economical soon after the release dates. The competition in cellular gave an interesting touch to pricing strategies. Tablet pc on the other hand, gave a new and much improved experience to pc users. Even smarter than laptops, smaller in size and more convenient for mobility, tables computers took the place of laptops at a high graph in year 2011.

Android market kept its worth on the mainstream through out the year. Android operating system was developed by Google for smart phones. It got famous due to its flexibility and fast performance. Social networks like Facebook and twitter got excellent users ratings and expanded networks around the globe.

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