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Internet History

The current shape of internet is entirely different to that of its initial design and use. However, a brief history of internet is given below that may help you to know the ways how internet came into existence. The internet was a result of great innovation of the people associated with military and science. In 1960, many visionary minded people brought an idea to have some means to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields. J.C.R. Licklider of MIT was the person who first proposed a global network of computers in 1962, he moved over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in late 1962 where he was a team leader to get the work accomplished.

Arpanet was the network known to run on packet switching technology at initial stages. It was in October 1969 that for the first time in history, computers at Stanford and UCLA were connected as an experiment. They were the first host that was meant to be something known as internet today. The first message ever sent on the network was just the word “login” but the link between both sides was stopped with a letter “g”.

1970-Arpanet network
There was a company named BBN and that is known as creator of interface message processor; this was the computer used in network. This company with the connection to Harvard and MIT established an Arpanet connection.

Ray Tomlinson developed the email as communication means, the first time in 1971. He also decided to use @ sign to separate the computer and the user name. This phenomenon became domain name lately.

1973-trans-Atlantic connection and Emailing
The first trans-Atlantic connection was developed by Arpanet in 1973. The same year, about 75% of Arpanet activities were based on emailing. So in a way, emailing was becoming popular in the organization and was considered for adoption by many others.

This was an important year for internet evolution. A proposal was established to link Arpa-like networks into inter-networks, which would have no central control and would work around a transmission control protocol. This became as TCP/IP eventually.

The first PC modem was developed in 1977. This year is known possibly the best turning point in the development of internet. The scientists named Dennis Hayes and Dale Hetherington developed the modem and was sold to general public in the same year.

This year is important because Usenet which is known as an internet based discussion system was introduced in this year. This allowed people to converse about the same topic by messages categorized by news groups.
1984-Domain Name System
The domain name system was developed along with the first DNS server in 1984. It was a revolution in the field of internet. It facilitated the users to enter friendly addresses without feeling hassles of entering numeric data as address.

1988-Internet Relay Chart
It was another innovative idea to offer real time conversation experience on internet. This was done by internet relay chat also known as IRC chat. It was written by Robert Tappan Morris and caused major interruptions across large parts of the Internet.

The proposal for the World Wide Web was brought into existence in 1989. It was the first time published in the March issue of the MacWorld.

Later on first web page was created in 1991 followed by first content based search engine in 1991. The first graphical web browser was included in windows version released in 1993. Today it is almost impossible to narrate all aspects of internet. It will definitely keep on moving towards more innovation and endless possibilities.

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