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Why i Prefer Sony VAIO Ultra-book Laptop With Touch Screen?

Sony is one of the leading electronics company in the world now. They have the widest range of products. Starting from cameras, they have mobile phones, home theatres, audio systems and big screen TVs. They are the leading producers of their famous gaming console- Play station. Other than all these products Sony also is a […]

Display Clocks In Thunderbird

FoxClocks is an add-on for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird that shows world times from practically any location in the world right in your browser’s status bar or in a customized toolbar. By default, FoxClocks shows times in the Firefox/Sunbird/Thunderbird status bar. However, they can be moved to a toolbar. Locations are displayed with their full […]

Portable Calendar “EssentialPIM”

We can’t deny the fact that our engagements have absorbed us too much that we are too much busy in our daily lives. Sometime our daily occupation doesn’t even allow us to remember the most ordinary things of life. Consequently we miss many important things which are necessary to be done. What we can only […]


The field of Information Technology is one of the most amazing fields of today’s world where all the time new developments and inventions are going on. If we only keep in view the development of software, we become surprised how swiftly, the innovations are introduced and the facilities which were just s a dream some […]

Troubleshooter Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze Can Be Ideal Software For The Place Where Computers are Used Publicly. Deep Freeze For computer you can find many software which, are available in the world of the computer and every software has different features to make your computer more protected or more advance from technology point of view. The deep freeze […]

AOL Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

AOL Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks Just like any other program, IM programs do not constantly wish to assist with what you want them to do. AOL instant messenger tricks and tips can also assist you to get your IM goals. Following are the main two quick examples of how these ideas can facilitate anybody […]

Force users to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to Logon in xp

Force users to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to Logon in xp Go to start and then click at the run Or press Window key + R Type control userpasswords2 Go to the advance settings and then check option under the Secure logon option. Next time you logon , you compter will ask you to press  Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

Folderlock in Xp without any software

Folder lock in Xp with out any software 1.Copy and paste the blew code in the Notepad ——————————————— @ECHO OFF title Folder Locker if EXIST “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST Locker goto MDLOCKER :CONFIRM echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N) set/p “cho=>” if %cho%==Y goto LOCK if %cho%==y goto […]

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