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Do you know these Technology facts 2017?

We are living in such time when humans are at their best skills. The phase where we are today maybe the human technology had never been here before. Also, a noticeable thing is that the flood of technology is not stopped even in fact the technology is being changed with a short interval of time. Technology is getting a shape change on the daily or annual basis. Moreover, you can see that the smartphone you are owning today will go to have an upgraded version by the same company in next 6 months.

Technology facts 2017  - onlytechtalks.com/techtalks/

That is how there are some great technology facts 2017 which have been discussed below:


Firefox facts Technology 2017  - onlytechtalks.com/techtalks/

Do you know how the Firefox came into existence? Do you know the logic behind this unique name? If not then here is the answer to this question. In Western China, in the mountains of Himalaya, there is an animal named a Red Panda. This is the native animal of that place and when this name is translated into English then the Red Panda of China is known as the Firefox. So that is where from the world’s secured browser Firefox gets its idea.


VCR facts Technology 2017  - onlytechtalks.com/techtalks/

Are you an old movie lover or else your father was a great movie lover? In past people used to have VCR for watching movies and films. VCR was available about the size of a DVD more paly. But do you know that the World’s first VCR was based on the size of a piano? A single VCR and a giant Piano. The same was VCR was converted later into the minimum size of a DVD more paly or a VCD more paly. But with the arrival of DVDs and CDS, VCR has been eliminated from the world of technology.


iPhone facts Technology 2017  - onlytechtalks.com/techtalks/

Are you an iPhone user or are you madly in love with your new iPhone? For all those iPhone lovers there is a great thing to know about, in the year 2012 almost 17 girls were named as ‘’Siri’’. It depicts the love of iPhone users towards its great feature. Moreover, there are more than 682 million iPhone users all across the globe. That shows the power of iPhone and their wider selling span. It also shows that how much iPhone is famous around the people.

Blink of Eye & Desktop

Blink of Eye & Desktop facts Technology 2017  - onlytechtalks.com/techtalks/

Have you ever counted that for how much times your eye blinked? If not then count it and check it. Because studies show that eye of a person blinks 20 times in a minute. That’s how you can be shocked. But when a person is looking at the computer screen so the figure gets a decline. The eye of a PC user blinks only 7 times in a minute. That is how the number of blinking is decreased because a person has to focus on the screen more than a common person.

Some of the great technology facts 2017 have been illustrated above. You can find out more facts by searching for them. But after knowing them you have a great source of information.

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