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Why i Prefer Sony VAIO Ultra-book Laptop With Touch Screen?

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio laptop

Sony is one of the leading electronics company in the world now. They have the widest range of products. Starting from cameras, they have mobile phones, home theatres, audio systems and big screen TVs. They are the leading producers of their famous gaming console- Play station.

Sony Vaio Ultrabook

Sony Vaio Ultrabook

Other than all these products Sony also is a major competitor in computing. They have the laptops, computers and tablets of uppermost category. Their tablets are famous for their pixel quality and graphics related stuff. Coming to laptops they have an even wider range of laptops, Sony laptops are of different types. The laptop range of Sony is known as VAIO. They are of different kinds depending on their shape and functionality. They have Vaio ultrabooks and Vaio laptops, convertible pcs and convertible tablets. Focusing on ultrabooks they have Vaio Duo ultrabook and Vaio Pro Ultrabooks. Coming to laptops they have Vaio Fit laptops. Coming to the category of PCs they have Vaio tablet pcs and Vaio flip pcs.


First VAIO UltraBook

First VAIO UltraBook

The price range of Sony VAIO Ultra-book Laptop With Touch Screen starts from 1400 dollars. It is actually a touch screen tablet and full HD laptop combined in one to form a Duo ultrabook. The Vaio Pro ultrabook is very light and is very durable and highly functional compared to its weight, its price range starts from about 1050 dollars. Vaio fit laptops are the laptops less costly and more functional and they have the superb looks too. The price range of Vaio Fit laptops starts from around 600 dollars, they are simple laptops but everything they offer is way above average. Vaio tablet pc is a very unique and profound product of Sony because it performance is that of a pc and its mobility and convenience is that of a tablet. The price range of the Sony Vaio tablet pc starts from about 1000 dollars. Coming over to  Sony Vaio flip pc, it can convert into a laptop or a tablet depending  on your requirements, the functionality is same as of a laptop but more convenient. The price range of this product starts from about 800 dollars.

Sony Touch Screen Laptop

Sony Touch Screen Laptop`

All of these laptops, ultrabooks and tablet pcs are very beautiful to look at as Sony  products are the best when it comes to the looks. The functionality of these products  is hidden from no one, they all offer 4th generation core i7 processors and extremely  efficient graphic cards. They all offer up to 8GB ram except the laptops which offer a  whooping 16GB ram. They all have the latest technology when it comes to hard drive  that is the Solid State hard drive and Solid State Hybrid drives. The battery timings  start from as much as 5 hours and they can reach up to 10 hours in some products.
Other than this Sony has variety of other products which can be used  with these laptops, for example the accessories Sony provides Sony  products like a home theatre or a home audio system. All the cameras  and camcorders of Sony automatically connect with other Sony  products. Sony is famous for not comprising in quality ever. Their  products are the most durable and they always impress people with the  looks they have in their products. All in all Sony makes products which  have everything; their product is a beauty with brains.

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