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Tips For Preventing Bluetooth Hack

bluetooth-hackBluetooth Hack Is Illegal Because You Are Entering In Other Device Without Permission.

Bluetooth Hack
There are lot of things around us to give comfort but we sometime misuse them. IT is improving and it is becoming advance but with every advance technology you can find some drawbacks are also part of it. Cell phone is one of the best examples of today’s advance technology in which you can find everything sometime it works like a computer. In cells phones you can find many feature, which help you in communicating with others. Like blue tooth is one of prominent features of every cells phone. Basically blue tooth is wireless communication device between two devices particularly for short distance. With the help of blue tooth any data can be transformed from one cell phone to other cell phone without any wire attachment.

When we heard term hacking, we usually think it’s attached with computers only, that is when someone’s websites is hacked. Now your computers are not only hacked but your blue tooth can be hacked too. This is one of the big drawbacks of blue tooth. Blue tooth hacking technique is used to get information of other bluetooth devices or in other words it is used to enter into other device without permission which is not legal action. There are different types of bluetooth hacking such as bluejacking, bluesnarfing, bluebugging and bluetoothing. The purpose of all these bluetooth is to hack your cell phone and your privacy. Bluetooth hacking takes place because of security lacking in bluetooth technology. Bluetooth hacking is also known as bluesnarfing. If someone hack your bluetooth in that case you hacker can steal your contacts, personal files, pictures, restore factory setting or they can use your cell phone for calling and using internet. Beside this they can access international mobile equipment identity number, which they can use for cloning your cell phone. When your cell phone is clone then your messages can be send to other numbers, which is again illegal. There are different techniques used for bluetooth hacking. You can easily find there are many tools available for bluetooth hacking in which super bluetooth hack is prominent tool. Super bluetooth hack has features of bluesnarfing and bluebugging. It is mostly used by professional hackers.

There are few tips, which can prevent bluetooth hacking and you will be able to protect your bluetooth from the hackers. First thing what you need to do is to keep your bluetooth off after sharing your data or even when you are not using it. Even you can use internet or Wifi instead of using bluetooth. Do not accept invitation from the device and most important don’t keep your cellphone in “ visible” or “ discover” mode. Most of the people think bluetooth range is 10 meter but this is wrong because bluetooth chip range is about 100 meter it is better to switch off the bluetooth after using it. If we follow all these tips it is possible that we can prevent bluetooth hacking.

Above mentioned details related to the bluetooth hacking are given to develop the awareness against such crimes, so that they can be prevented. Entering in other device sounds fun but it is against the law.

Bluetooth Hack

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